Playing the right kind of music creates a positive effect on customer mood and retail sales.

We can assist you in creating the right brand environment through sound, as no customer should be greeted by silence. From sales messages, in-store music to the right mood for the customer toilets!


Whispering Windows

The ability to attract the attention of passers-by is every retailers dream. We have been using Whispering Windows audio products to bring an added dimension to our innovative window scenes where the audio can be heard up to 1 meter away from the window.

The Whispering Windows units use specialist technology to turn windows, and other hard surfaces, into speakers without anyone really understanding where the music is coming from. The result - people not only see what you want them to see but they also hear a message that they otherwise could have missed. Simple, but hugely effective.

In-Store Music

The power of in-store music is well documented with a number of proven surveys showing the benefits on customers, sales and brand recognition. At MediaZest we can schedule, install and maintain your music to provide a fully integrated package that is delivered both in-store and through campaigns.

We work with music experts to profile music to brands and keep the in-store environment fresh and alive.

Directional Sound

Directional speakers use specialist speaker materials to create a highly focused and directional audio footprint that delivers sound to the intended target without disturbing the surrounding area.

They create a "shower" of sound and are widely used to deliver directional audio in museums, banks, retail shelf advertising and airport security messages etc. This creates zoned areas that can be very close together but with different messages being played and not affecting the surrounding areas. Also ideal for staff in environments where messages or music is played on a continuous loop, to avoid any potential irritation.

Our clients say

I've worked with Media Zest now on several high profile campaigns and despite all the late design changes and last minute complications, every campaign is delivered on budget and on time.

Attention to detail is key with our campaigns and MediaZest deliver value for money without compromise.”

Alan Green

We were very impressed with the service we received from MediaZest.

They were very professional from start to finish, and the end result was that our clients were delighted with the impact the ‘patient hologram’ made at their symposium, enabling them to really stand out from the crowd.”

Emma Herring


Topshop have worked with Mediazest over the past couple of years, and continue to work with them on a regular basis.

Mediazest are a fantastic company, thorough in all aspects of their service, going the extra mile for their clients."

Francesca Bernard

MediaZest have been a great company to partner with.

Their ideas for each project and quality of final product has been excellent and their team are always professional, thorough, and supportive when both onsite and off.”

Louise Murray

At our most recent, new design coffee shop in Chelsea we chose MediaZest as our partner to deliver our Bose audio system as they had a clear appreciation of our design, brand and customer experience.

They delivered to time and budget with great customer service throughout the journey of the project. ”

Richard Mitchell